Beitou Health Management Hospital (Taipei Wellness Clinic & Resort - 2)

After a whole relaxing day yesterday, I woke up at 7 a.m. surprised that I fell asleep at 10 p.m. the night before. I usually can't sleep until 1 a.m. every day.

北投舒適旅程的第二天, 我早上七點起床,



I couldn't have breakfast before the physical examination, so I visited the PING LOUNGE on the 11th floor. I love the mini-library theme here.

There's also a SPA, a Bar, and Hot Spring Pools here.

由於要健檢, 不能吃早餐, 我就去了 11 樓的品空間, 繼續我的舒壓行程.

除了舒適的迷你圖書館, 這裡還有芳療, 溫泉池, 吧等設施.

I had another 2 hours before the examination, so I went back to my room at the Hotel Royal Beitou and enjoyed my 4th hot spring bath. It is the best I had in Beitou so far.

距離健檢還有兩小時, 所以我決定回老爺酒店房間泡溫泉. 這已經是入住以來第四次了.

Once I arrived at the Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital, I was sure I made the right choice not to go to the regular hospitals I usually went to.

The doctors and nurses were all very patient, either explaining the details of the examination before it started or explaining details of the report I got afterward.

I truly appreciate the time the doctor spent making sure I fully understood my own health conditions.

到了五樓的北投健康管理醫院, 我很確定我不去一般醫院健檢是對的選擇.

這裡所有醫護人員都非常有耐心. 不論是健檢前的說明, 每一個檢查站的引導, 還是健檢後的報告說明, 都讓我覺得值回票價! 忙碌的醫生, 竟然願意花超過一小時的時間, 只為了確定我完全看懂報告的內容, 非常了解我自己的健康狀況.

I was planning to take more photos during the process, but I was told that I couldn't because of the privacy policy in the clinic. And I did respect that thoughtful policy.

No wonder celebrities and those very important people choose to be there.

原本打算多拍點照片跟大家分享, 但是為了保護其他人的隱私, 我不能隨意拍攝.

雖然這樣會讓我少了很多分享內容, 不過尊重來賓的隱私是應該的.

難怪這麼多演藝界, 商界, 政界名人都選擇來這裏.

I will be sharing my overall thoughts on the examination on my YouTube and Facebook channels. Make sure you follow me on those platforms!

整體的健檢體驗, 會在 YouTube 及 Facebook 頻道分享.


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