Hotel Royal Beitou (Taipei Wellness Clinic & Resort - 1)

It's been a long time since I had a really nice break.

And Beitou has always been on top of my list of favorite places in Taipei because it's the all-in-one paradise in this busy city that allows both your body and soul to be completely relaxed.


北投, 是我台北假期榜單上的第一名.

在這忙碌的都市中, 這裡就是我身心靈全方位舒壓天堂.

After checking-in at the Hotel Royal Beitou, we went for a walk around Beitou Park.

The Beitou Hot Spring Museum, The Thermal Valley, and The Beitou Library show you the culture of Hot Springs in Taiwan while releasing your stress.

入住北投老爺酒店後, 先到北投公園附近走走.

北投溫泉博物館, 地熱谷, 北投圖書館, 在釋放壓力的同時, 更了解北投的溫泉文化.

You'll appreciate the in-house hot spring facilities even more after the walk.

The White Sulphur Hot Spring is different from the other Sulphur Hot Springs I've been to before. It has less smell and that makes a lot of difference!

了解溫泉文化後, 回到酒店,


這裡的白磺泉跟之前泡過的硫磺泉不同, 沒有那麼重的味道. 這很重要!

Dinner at the Pure Cuisine was another highlight of the day!

Hotel Royal is a Hotel Brand well known for its attention to detail.

So you can imagine how happy I was to enjoy the balance of the food, the atmosphere, and the service.

一樓的 純 - 法式餐廳,




當晚的餐點, 氛圍及服務,


Actually, the whole relaxing trip today was just to get ready for the real reason I am here.

I will be having a full physical examination tomorrow. Right here, in the same building!

其實, 今天的舒壓行程都是為了來這裡最重要的目的, 而做準備.


沒錯, 就在這棟樓裡!

The Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital is perfectly hidden inside the Hotel Royal Beitou.

It offers pleasant and comfortable health checkups and aesthetic medicine integrated with hotel service and local tours to take care of your every need.

臺北市北投健康管理醫院完美的結合了北投老爺酒店及周圍的環境,期許提供國人與世界同步的精緻健康管理, 同時將臺灣觀光醫療精品櫥窗拓展至國際.

I will be sharing my experiences soon~

健檢完了, 再盡快跟大家分享心得吧!

to be continued...






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