Amazing DaDaoCheng 過盡千帆的大稻埕

DaDaoCheng is a famous harbor in early Taiwan.

In the late 1880s, This place was the business and transport center of Taipei. There is the famous DiHua Street in DaDaoCheng. They sell Chinese medicine, tea, and cloth.

There are two famous temples, Xia-Hai City God temple, and Cisheng Temple. Xia-Hai City God temple is famous for the God of love (Yue Lao), many Taiwanese believe this god can help them find a good lover.

In Cisheng Temple, they worship Mazu, the ocean patron saint. Taiwanese believe that Mazu can solve any problem.

There are usually many vendors around the famous temples in Taiwan. So, if you would like to eat Taiwanese traditional food or famous snacks just find a famous temple, and food will appear in your eyes.

The buildings in DiHua Street are very ancient and unique. There is a amazing mixture of Baroque, traditional Hokkien bungalows, and red-brick western houses. If you are into beautiful buildings, you must not miss DaDaoCheng.

Chinese Medicine Stores are all over DiHua Street.

Winter is coming, you can buy some for staying warm and healthy during the upcoming cold weather.

DaDaoCheng harbor nowadays is home to many fun events and activities. In the morning, many local elders dance together here every day. And in the afternoon, biking, jogging, and walking becomes the routine for many others. Finally, at night, lovers come to enjoy music performance with Modern Container Bars & Cafes. If you come during summer, maybe you’ll be lucky to enjoy the famous DaDaCheng Firework Festival by the harbor.

大 稻 埕 是 台 北 歷 史 的 軌 跡

碼 頭 是 商 人 曾 經 的 集 散 地

曾 經 繁 華 豐 盛 的 永 樂 商 圈

採 買 南 北 貨 必 去 的 迪 化 街

圍 繞 百 年 屹 立 不 搖 的 建 築

媽 祖 庇 蔭 讓 這 裡 五 穀 豐 登

月 老 完 成 人 們 的 小 小 心 思

許 多 令 人 垂 涎 欲 滴 的 小 吃

請 您 來 細 細 品 嘗 其 中 奧 妙

歡 迎 來 到 大 稻 埕 一 窺 究 竟

帶 您 走 進 台 北 的 時 光 長 廊

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