第一次走入樂利路 39 號的 [ 私室 ] 酒吧已經是兩年前了 後來才知道這原來是 一個網路劇的拍攝場景! It's been 2 years already Since I walked into the [ SELF ] Bar in the No.39, Leli Rd. for the first time. Then I realized that it was a shooting scene from a YouTube Show! 那一刻,我開始進入了 SELF TOKEN 創辦人徐嘉凱導演 所建構的沉浸式娛樂世界... From that moment I entered the Immersive Entertaining Universe that Jack Hsu, SELF Bar owner and Founder of SELF TOKEN, has created...

28 歲的 徐嘉凱 Jack Hsu 執導的電影《聖人大盜》 讓他獲得第 56 屆 金馬獎最佳新導演的提名 Nominated as Best New Director for the 56th Golden Horse Awards directing the new movie "The Last Thieves" 認真的覺得這個時代 需要多一點像 Jack 一樣 為了創造一個更好的世界 而努力不斷客服困難的人! I truly appreciate his work and believe that we need more people that focuses on solving problems like him in this complicated world! #聖人大盜 #沉浸式娛樂 #徐嘉凱 #最佳新導演 #金馬獎 #TheLastThieves #ImmersiveEntertainment #JackHsu #BestNewDirector #GoldenHourseAwards

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