Stop Wasting Space 停止浪費空間

Everyday I am thinking: "There's so much waste in the world!" 我每天都在想: "這世界有太多的浪費!"

We waste too much time on things that are not so important. We waste so much space that we actually don't need! 我們浪費太多時間,在不重要的事物上。 我們浪費太多空間,其實根本用不到。

That's why I chose to register my company in a business center / sharing space, instead of wasting money on fancy decorations, Luxurious furniture; having my own office, meeting room, a nice coffee machine, and just use it a few times a week. 所以我將公司註冊在商務中心/共享空間, 而不是浪費錢在漂亮的裝潢,豪華的家具; 打造自己的辦公室,會議室,很棒的咖啡機, 一個星期卻用不到幾次...

I am recently also thinking of my future living space... And I saw this interesting YouTube Channel! 最近我正在思考,我未來的生活空間, 就看到這個有趣的 YouTube 頻道。

So, I decided to share it with you, hopefully we can save more space for trees, for clean air, and for the beautiful nature! 跟大家分享一下,希望我們可以省更多空間, 多種點樹,多一點新鮮空氣,還給大自然。

Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel:

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