The Walden Hotel - For Kids

I've been to lots of so called

"Family Friendly Hotels"...

But none of them has given me

such a wonderful experience!

From the minute you arrive The Walden Hotel,

you will be amazed by the details for the cute,

but not disturbing, family friendly theme.

"GuaiGuai (乖乖) and DaiDai (呆呆)",

are the two rabbit mascots of The Walden.

You can see them in almost every corner of the hotel.

We came here with my friend, Wayne, and his family,

and Libby, his super cute daughter,

loved "GuaiGuai (乖乖) and DaiDai (呆呆)".

By the way, Taiwanese call their kids

"GuaiGuai (乖乖)" when they are smart and behave well,

and "DaiDai (呆呆)" when they are cute and innocent.

There's a Kids Playground on the 2F called "Wizard of Oz",

and Libby spent the whole afternoon there until we were starving...

Thank god they have a Buffet Restaurant on the 3F,

Rowling Western Restaurant 羅琳西餐廳.

I really like their food, specially their desserts,

I will talk about it in the next few post...

After Dinner, we went back to the Wizard of Oz,

for the Daily 8:00 pm kids interactive event,

and this time it was a nice story telling one...

The Walden Hotel is definitely

the best Family Friendly Hotel in Yilan~

They even created a Treasure Hunting Game and a Passport,

just to make sure that kids never get bored while staying here...

And of course, even if you don't have kids,

The Walden is still a great Hotel for both businessman

and lovers that want to spend a relaxing trip...

Watch my YouTube Video for more details:

(To be continued...)


The Walden Hotel



No. 123, Section 5, Zhongshan Road,

Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan

台灣宜蘭縣宜蘭市中山路五段 123 號

Telephone: +886-3-9699555

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