Happy Traveler Inn, TaiTung, Taiwan

About a month ago, my partner Yuki sent me a link

to this B&B in TaiTung (South East Coast, Taiwan),


And she said: "Bruno, I think you need a Vacation."

Honest first impression:

"Not my type of place..." (Too Colorful...)

But, "Yes, I do need a Vacation~"

So, we decided to go for a SEMI-BUSINESS TRIP...

Special thanks to my friends David and Cesar from

Ferghana Horse Car Rental Services (赤驛國際) https://www.facebook.com/ferghanahorse168/?fref=ts​

They took care of all the driving and trip planning for me,

so I could focus my time in the car editing videos,

making business phone calls, taking photos...

Otherwise, I couldn't even have had the time for this trip...

We stayed in Kaohsiung for a night, and also stopped by many other places for food and other needs

(Wait for my next post for details),

and we finally arrived around 22 hours after we left Taipei.

The indoor is simple but spacious,

And the outdoor, no kidding,

it's like you are living in a real life Fairy Tale Book...

During my stay, they made me feel so warm

I felt like I am an old friend visiting them.

Here are the photos I took for the B&B

and I really regret coming here alone

with a young married sweet couple (Yuki & Shawn)...

Next time I would, for sure, bring my own sweet family...

Happy Traveler Inn 幸福旅行.舍


ADD: No. 12, Lane 45, Alley 630, TaiPing Rd., TaiPing Village,

BeiNan Town, TaiTung County, Taiwan


EMAIL: nttu9441138@gmail.com TEL : +886-89-383555、+886982383555 LINE ID : @qfl4215c

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