Ding Shuai Hot Spring Hotel / Motel

Every time I come to the north coast of Taiwan,

I choose to stay at the Ding Shuai Hot Spring Hotel.


It is right in between various famous tourist attractions,

like the YeLiu Queen's Head (野柳女王頭) ,

ShiTouShan Park (獅頭山公園), Ju Ming Museum (朱銘美術館)...

It is a really nice place to stay

when you need a nice place to edit thousands of photos...

Just dip in the huge hot spring tub

and all your energy will be refueled in seconds...

It is also not too far from JiuFen Old Street (九份老街)

and JinGuaShi (金瓜石), so don't forget to visit it the next day...

Ding Shuai Hot Spring Hotel / Motel


Telephone: +886-2-24988866


No.9, JinMei Street, JinShan District, XinBei City.


Official Website:


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