Grand Bay Resort (Kenting, PingTung, Taiwan)

My friend, Joyce, finally arrived Taiwan after a long flight.

(Brazil - > Tokyo - > Taiwan)

KenTing should be the perfect place to go for the first few days...

We decided to Stay at The Grand Bay Resort for the first night in KenTing.

Reason 1: It's far from the KenTing Downtown Night Market, so won't be so noisy.

Reason 2: We saw something very interesting from the 5 stories glass window when we passed by.

The Lobby smells new, and the reception proved me right.

This Resort is not officially opened yet. It's just under trial operations.

So... I started to expect some "non-ready-yet" services.

But... I didn't feel any of those "we are not ready" feelings...

They are more than ready to launch, in my opinion~

Art pieces everywhere...

The room was surprisingly BIG~

Why would I need 2 beds?

This is the interesting "THING" we saw throught the window...

Stay tuned, and I will show you on a video below...

Breakfast~!!!!! Oh Breakfast~~~

You are so important to me!!!!

Egg + Veggies + Fruit + More Veggies + Bread + Lots of Veggies + Dessert + I need to stop or I'll get fat...

Yes, here's the BIG window that got us to stay...

Watch this video and see more:

Grand Bay Resort



No. 998, Henggong Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 94643


08 889 9968

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